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I just noticed that the man, "G [illegible] Sims mentioned in the 1901 Yorkshire Evening Post article could be the same George Sims who wrote Hugo's 1904 piece in The Strand.


Many of the examples in the British Newspaper Archives before 1909 relate to the stage, where some performer apparent sang a song, or did a skit, using the expression as early as 1902.

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The British Newspaper Archives (http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) have numerous examples dating to as early as 1899.
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For example: 

Blackburn Standard (Lancashire), May 27, 1899, page 11:
"That's all right. But she's in your way, too.  Ole man. The other laughs shamefacedly.  Well, I s'pose we must say toodle-oo."

The second earliest example is from 1901, when it was apparently still novel:

Yorkshire Evening Post, May 20, 1901, page 3.
"Mr. G. . .. Sims, who has been visiting Birmingham, comments on the fact that several couples at parting say, Well, toodle-oo, instead of the usual . . ."

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> toodle-oo, int.
> OED: 1907
> The Strand Magazine, Vol. xxviii, No. 165, September 1904, p. 329,
> George R. Sims, "Off The Track in London", "V.--Round Hackney Wick"
> =3D=3D=3D
> In one of the country gardens two gaily-dressed young coster girls are
> sitting and chatting with the cottager and his wife. They sit among
> the flowers and look for all the world like young London lasses who
> have come to the village to astonish the country folks with their town
> finery. When they rise and bid the old folks good-bye, and coming
> through the little wicket stand for a moment at the wooden palings to
> say =E2=80=9CToodle-oo=E2=80=9D in the cheeriest of Cockney accents, we are=
>  at first
> astonished. For a moment my colleague and I had imagined we were in a
> rural hamlet and in the heart of green England.
> =3D=3D=3D
> https://archive.org/details/TheStrandMagazineAnIllustratedMonthly
> There's an illustration of the scene:
> https://archive.org/stream/TheStrandMagazineAnIllustratedMonthly/TheStrandM=
> agazine1904bVol.XxviiiJul-dec#page/n251/mode/1up
> Hugo
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