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> 1953

That raises - or should that be "begs"? - the question, "Then, what was he
doing working in a black, store-front dive in Los Angeles, where no one had
ever heard of him before and most never heard of him again, opening for a
black nobody, in _1967_?" At the time, my impression was that he was some
kind of totally fucked-up, white loser, really down on his luck, who was
getting paid with free drinks. Why else would a white person be "getting
down with the colored people," to borrow "Ronald Reagan's" - Chevy Chase's,
actually - felicitous phrase, when he didn't own the place?

Maybe the Professor was taking a dare or had lost a bet.


IAC, the audience, even though black and wondering "WTF?", generally dug
his act. I recall his response to a single heckler. I don't remember that
he had any other audience problems.
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