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Fri Dec 2 17:46:05 EST 2016

Garson O'Toole wrote:
>> The book was selected for a special promotion called "Kindle First".

Bill Mullins:
> Just curious -- do you get any royalties for these "free" copies?
> Or do you have to accept, as a part of doing business, that
> some of your retailers can give your books away as a way of
> marketing?

Yes, Amazon paid me to participate in the e-book promotion. The
contract was separate from the main book contract. Details of these
contracts are supposed to be confidential.

Amazon has a massive self-publishing operation, but they have also
created a "full-service" or "conventional" publishing operation that
has been growing rapidly. My book is being published by the "Little A"
imprint of Amazon Publishing. This imprint is part of the
"full-service" arm of Amazon focusing on literary fiction and

Amazon paid me an advance, and the team included an acquisition
editor, copy editors, an intellectual property lawyer, and a book
cover designer.

The IP lawyer was brought in because there are delicate issues
involving quotations. The book cover designer previously worked on
Stephen King's bestseller "Under the Dome".

Switching topics: I wrote a blurb for Mardy Grothe's excellent new
book "Metaphors Be With You" from HarperCollins which will be released
in a few days on December 6. The blurb appears in the middle of the
back cover.

[Begin recommendation]
“Dr. Mardy Grothe’s multi-decade, wide-ranging search has produced a
magnificent collection of vivid quotations employing the most
expressive figurative language. Metaphors Be With You is perfect for
writers and speakers who require a hilarious barb, a coruscating
insight, or a tender thought for an article or speech, and Grothe’s
encyclopedic knowledge and curatorial eye assure that every page
contains well chosen statements with carefully researched ascriptions
that even quotation aficionados have not seen before.” —Garson
O’Toole, the Quote Investigator and author of Hemingway Didn’t Say
That: The Truth Behind Familiar Quotations
[End recommendation]


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