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Fri Dec 2 18:01:46 EST 2016

Thanks for the response.  I've seen some stuff that makes me think that Amazon might be very much a "my way or the highway" publisher, and it is good that they are treating you fairly.

> Garson O'Toole wrote:
> >> The book was selected for a special promotion called "Kindle First".
> Bill Mullins:
> > Just curious -- do you get any royalties for these "free" copies?
> > Or do you have to accept, as a part of doing business, that some of
> > your retailers can give your books away as a way of marketing?
> Yes, Amazon paid me to participate in the e-book promotion. The contract was separate from the main book contract. Details of these
> contracts are supposed to be confidential.
> Amazon has a massive self-publishing operation, but they have also created a "full-service" or "conventional" publishing operation that has
> been growing rapidly. My book is being published by the "Little A"
> imprint of Amazon Publishing. This imprint is part of the "full-service" arm of Amazon focusing on literary fiction and nonfiction.
> Amazon paid me an advance, and the team included an acquisition editor, copy editors, an intellectual property lawyer, and a book cover
> designer.
> The IP lawyer was brought in because there are delicate issues involving quotations. The book cover designer previously worked on Stephen
> King's bestseller "Under the Dome".

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