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Also, found a Missouri newspaper from 1916 on Chronicling America; in an article about whether Teddy Roosevelt will run for President again:

It seems that "the dice are down," so let them "shake, rattle and roll," and here's hoping Teddy throws "box cars" or "snake eyes."  But if he's an "even roller" and "sets the dice," the only chance is to catch them; but if he still "throws a natural," or "makes his point," let him have the "kale."  So let's sand the track and go down the line.  Anybody looks good to be a "stnadpatter" if he's on the right track.
Mansfield (Missouri) Mirror, March 9, 1916, page 1.

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> Subject: antedating snake eyes (UNCLASSIFIED)
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> The OED has 1929 for the dice sense.
> In 2005 I posted a 1920 citation.  This is slightly earlier.
> 28 May 1917 _Houston [TX] Chronicle_ p 6 col 8 (genealogybank)
> "Fade you for five.  Come, you dirty ace.  Didn't I say that it would be a =
> snake-eye.  There, you little Joe; no, if it ain't box cars."
> OED does not have "box cars"; dunno about HDAS.
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