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Not just a St. Louis thing.  I remember hearing it as "Mo[l]trin" too, and
that would have been in Central Indiana.


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> I've mentioned more than once that, when ibuprofen, under the brand-name,
> "Motrin," was still a prescription drug, I was under the impression that
> the name was "Moltrin" [moUltrIn].
> In the Facebook S.I.G., You Know You [_be_-deletion] From Saint Louis If
> You Remember..., a member asks,
> "Who remember [3rd Sing. _s_-deletion] going to the Kiel Auditorium to see
> this group?"
> wherein _group_ = The Jackson Five. One discussant comments:
> "Me. We had some good seats 2nd _roll_ and 3rd _roll_."
> OT random picks: A white member comments wistfully,
> "I wanted to see them, but my parents wouldn't let me."
> Her parents probably feared for her safety. All those colored boys...
> In my day, it was simply "Kiel Auditorium" and not "_the_ Kiel..."
> Another discussant asks:
> "_I'm I_ the only one who thought that that 'St. Louis-Style pizza' looked
> a little suspect?" Probably the consequence of a mind-fart that replaced
> _&_ (aesc) with (IPA lowest front vowel) _a_ [a].
> A third states:
> "I remember _it_ use to be a movie theater in the old Northland shopping
> center."
> A clip posted by "Real Niggas' [sic, i.e. not _Niggaz'_] Opinion," features
> a TV singing commercial from the '80's for the beauty parlor, "Jurl's"-
> spelled _Jarrell's_, thereby driving the use of the alternate
> pronunciation, "juhRELL's by speakers, too - "Curls." The advertised price
> is "twin-tee-seven fit-tee" in order to "look good in the cit-tee." One
> Real Nigga points out that the "fit-tih cint" is bizarre - round up or
> round down. The other replies, "I ain't hear [h@:r] that!" Wanting to
> contact Jarrell in order to clarify this, they ask,
> "Where [hwV:r] is Jarrell?"
> subtitled - I have no idea why subtitling is thought useful - as
> "_Whurr_ is Jarrell?"
> WAG: Perhaps "Where Jarell at?" isn't used because this implies the
> expectation of some kind of answer. In context, "Where is Jarell?"is
> rhetorical, with no expectation that he will answer, "Here I'm is!" or that
> someone who was around in 1984 is going to call in with the answer.
> "snoop album broke records when it _day viewed_"
> "But your looking over" - i.e. overlooking - "the point of this post."
> A thread has the title, "Rep Yo Middle School!" in which the "repping" is
> just *naming* yo middle school.
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