[Ads-l] Trivago or Chivago?

Geoffrey Steven Nathan geoffnathan at WAYNE.EDU
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It's probably the speaker. There's a well-known (but I think geographically distributed) process turning /t/ into /ch/ before /r/. It happens in my speech for example, so I say /chruck/ for 'truck'.  Also happens with /d/, giving, for me /jrive/  for 'drive'.

Last week at LSA I heard a talk by Lauren Spradling on 'totes' shortenings that included the following examples: 'totes inch' (for 'interesting'), 'grosh' (for 'grocery').  Same thing. Has interesting consequences for theories of the interaction of morphology and phonology which she explores.


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Does anyone else hear the usual, frequent male spokesperson in Trivago comm=
ercials pronounce it "chivago", as in "chicken"?=C2=A0 (With the one or two=
 women I've heard occasionally in their commercials, I hear "trivago", as i=
n "trick".)

I don't know whether it's my ears, my TVs, or the Trivago male.


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