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Mullins, Bill CIV (US) william.d.mullins18.civ at MAIL.MIL
Wed Jan 20 22:15:47 UTC 2016


> When the time comes to compile my top 10 quotations of the year, it may be
> that I will leave this one out because the context is, another way, contra-
> dictory: Haley was making a humane point criticizing someone else who was 
> being inhumane.

What should the humanity or the context have to do with it?  If the quote ends up
being one of the top ten most important, it seems to me it should be included in 
your list, and not left out because of whether you approve or disapprove of 
what's being said.

(And I realize that there's no objective way of measuring whatever it is that the
top 10 quotes have, compared to others -- it's a subjective list, compiled by Fred 
Shapiro.  But your comment seems to imply you are using some standard other than
impact to judge the quotes.)

And related:  if there ever was a link posted to the ADS-L for the 2015 list, I never saw it.
So, for the benefit of the other list participants:


(Note: it was really difficult to find an article that had a simple text-based list of the quotations.
EVERYONE wants to use a gallery in which you have to load a new screen or frame -- and presumably
new ads -- to get to each successive entry in the list.  Who knew that the list would become such 


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