[Ads-l] Early QOTY candidate for 2016 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Mullins, Bill CIV (US) william.d.mullins18.civ at MAIL.MIL
Wed Jan 20 22:37:57 UTC 2016


More on 2015 QOTY:

Five of the ten quotes were from presidential candidates, as was the case in 2012 (quotes #1-5, in fact).  In 2011, only three were from presidential candidates, and in 2008 and in 2007 two were (both from John McCain and Joe Biden, respectively).

If "judging period" had stayed open all the way through the end of the year, I'd have suggested this late-December statement from Donald Trump:
"She wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world."

Fred, is there a single page at which you archive all of the annual lists?

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