[Ads-l] “blooks,” short for “book-look.”

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Fri Jan 29 18:12:56 UTC 2016

"Blook" was given a different meaning in 2002, 'blog book' (i.e., a
book based on a blog).


"Blook" saw some action a decade ago, as noted by Larry Horn at the time:


But it must not have caught on enough for Ms. Dubansky to be aware of
it. And no matter its expansion, it's not the prettiest of

Link to NYT article:

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 12:46 PM, George Thompson wrote:
> Today's (Firday's NYTimes included a review of an exhibit at the Grolier
> Club in New York City of objects made to look like a book, but in fact
> something else: a cigarette lighter, a concealing place for a whiskey
> flask, a cookie jar.
> "Ms. Dubansky set out to map the contours of the world of fake books,
> eventually amassing about 600 made from stone, wax, straw, wood, soap,
> plastic, glass and other materials. She even coined a term for them:
> =E2=80=9Cblooks,=E2=80=9D short for =E2=80=9Cbook-look.=E2=80=9D"
> NY Times, January 29, 2016, section C, page 21, with the headline: Secrets
> Under Cover, From Vices to Treasures.
> Someone I once knew had a book called *How to Raise a Dog*; opened, a hot
> dog on a spring would pop up.  I wonder whether that is in the show.  I
> have myself a very small book, bound in tartan, with a title I can't
> recall, but alluding to Scotsmen and their quirks; opened, there is a small
> cavity cut into the supposed pages, containing a very small bottle marked
> "Scotch".

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