[Ads-l] “blooks,” short for “book-look.”

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
Fri Jan 29 17:46:33 UTC 2016

Today's (Firday's NYTimes included a review of an exhibit at the Grolier
Club in New York City of objects made to look like a book, but in fact
something else: a cigarette lighter, a concealing place for a whiskey
flask, a cookie jar.

"Ms. Dubansky set out to map the contours of the world of fake books,
eventually amassing about 600 made from stone, wax, straw, wood, soap,
plastic, glass and other materials. She even coined a term for them:
“blooks,” short for “book-look.”"
NY Times, January 29, 2016, section C, page 21, with the headline: Secrets
Under Cover, From Vices to Treasures.

Someone I once knew had a book called *How to Raise a Dog*; opened, a hot
dog on a spring would pop up.  I wonder whether that is in the show.  I
have myself a very small book, bound in tartan, with a title I can't
recall, but alluding to Scotsmen and their quirks; opened, there is a small
cavity cut into the supposed pages, containing a very small bottle marked

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