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"Candidate"?  Can't he/she be identified?  Of course, and linguistically, by internal evidence -- his (at it happens) routine rhetorical technique of defining his position more precisely by exactly repeating the sentence he's just uttered.

Rachel Maddow had an incisive take last night on Trump's ineptness (as she viewed it) in dealing with "Woman"s racist comment, comparing it to John McCain's blunt disowning in 2008 of a female questioner's characterization of Barak Obama as unfit because he was not Christian but a Muslim.  (McCain took the microphone away from his questioner's hand, and closed his response with a dismissive "Thank you" said in the same tone as today's "Have a good day" said by someone irritated by a conversation, such as with a customer service representative.



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Woman: "Get rid of all these heebie jabbies they wear at TSA. I’ve
seen them myself."

Candidate: "... We are looking at that. We are looking at that. We’re
looking at a lot of things."


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