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Wilson perhaps did not realize that he had found an antedating, and thus perhaps also identified the coiner.  I merely add that Wilson deprives us of the _Critical Review_'s next sentence:  "But the English language
will probably grow neither the richer nor the baser for them."  And that "dissertate" is only described as "unusual", whereas "dissert", to which it is equated, is "affected". 

For the coiner (same year as the critical review):

"Whereupon I have to remark, first, that the Name pulston, orWulston, on the Obverse, cannot be the Mint-master, as was the Case in the GoldCoin of Archbishop Wulstan, on which I formerly dissertated, because the Master’sName occurs on the Reverse."

Samuel Pegge, _A Series of Dissertations on some Elegant and very Valuable Anglo-Saxon Remains_ (London: J. Whiston and B. White, 1756), p. 19.  Google Books, full view.


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I prefer _dissertate_. It's not so easily confused with _dessert_.
The critical review, or annals of literature - Volume 1 - Page 75
We cannot dismiss this article without some exception to the author's language, which we are afraid is not Sterling English throughout ; not to mention some words, such as the adverb groundedly, and the verb _dissertate_, which seem to be of Mr. Pegge's own coining.
R. Baldwin: London, 1756
Of course, my own coining of the term, _dissertate_, is independent of Mr. Pegge's, despite having occurred several years after his. 
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Ignoring the dangling participle,

"And Brexit's target, loosely drawn, appears to be "globalism". Turned into the hobgoblin of domestic economic woes, I bet most people (I'd include myself) who are kvetching about "globalism," would be hard pressed to define it, let alone dissert on it."

Jim Lowell, "Fidelity Investor Hotline: Brexit Shock Subsides...For Now", June 30, 2016 (weekly online investment advisory newsletter).

Postdates "dissert", v., sense 2, --1855.


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