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The OED has this on the baseball term "pitchers' duel".
pitchers' duel  n. (also *pitcher's duel*, *pitchers duel*) *Baseball* a
low-scoring game or part of a game in which the outcome is regarded as
dependent upon the pitchers' performance.
1893    *Washington Post* 8 July 6/2   The two best left-handers in the
National League had a pitchers' duel in the game today.

Richard Hershberger, a baseball historian, has posted the following to a
site devoted to 19th century baseball:

The game at Sportsman’s Park yesterday... proved to be a pitchers’ duel,
and a very interesting one, not a hit being made by the Minneapolis giants
off Davis, while St. Louis made but two during the game...
St. Louis Post-Dispatch April 16, 1884

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