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Note also the tiny indication that the writer spoke some version of Hawaiian Creole ('Pidgin'):

'when I was one small kid'

In HC there is a three-way article system:

Ø ~ a ~ the

Zero represents [generic], 'one' is [specific, indefinite] and 'da' is [definite]

So: 'I stay looking for dog' (I'd like a pet)
I stay looking for one dog (I'm looking for Joe's dog)
I stay looking for da dog(..the one we talked about)

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Some of you will recall our old discussions of the reduced participles, =
including not just "ice(d) coffee'tea" and "ice(*d) cream" but "shave =
ice".  A memo from Barry Popik a while back:

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Subject:      Shave Ice (1953); Mud/Mac Pie (1964); Buddha-heads (1961)

SHAVE ICE (continued)

   There is an index to the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN and HONOLULU =
ADVERTISER, from 1929.  "Shaved ice" is in the index, with two stories =
in 1953.

HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 26 April 1953, pg. 10, col. 5:
   Long ago, as way far back as when I was one small kid in Honolulu, it =
was smart to find out right away quick where the nearest "Shave Ice" =
sign was in the neighborhood, for on those warm summer days there was =
nothing quite like it for bringing down the body temperature.

HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 4 October 1953, pg. 7, col. 4:
_Couple Brings New Look_
_To Shave Ice Business_

Well, now we have the Times weighing in, not on the participle but the =
Hawaiian treat itself, with no comment on the moniker:


I see that like everything else it has its wiki-entry:



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