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Nov. 16, 1861, The Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener, and Country Gentleman [London], "Misadventure with a Hybridized Queen," by a Renfrewshire [Scotland] Bee-keeper. 159 col. 2:

....I then replaced the lid with only one regret, that it was not a party of the "real Mackay's" that had so safely reached me.....


The OED bracketed 1856 drappie o' the real McKay quote is from a book, The Deil's Hallowe'en: a poem, by Young Glasgow, published in Glasgow, and owned by Oxford and U. Glasgow. A few quotes are in dsl.ac.uk.

The Oct. 29, 1866 archived ...not, of course, the "real Mackay" ...theatre review quote was in Glasgow Herald.

The real McKay bill quote (maybe irrelevant here, but why not the original McKay bill?) appeared in many 1846 publications.

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