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I guess they oppose the teaching of algebra...maybe calculus, too, since
its Latin...


On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 9:57 AM, James A. Landau <JJJRLandau at netscape.com>

> Today's Jerusalem Post
> http://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Dust-Storm-or-Haboob-Texans-flip-over-weathermans-choice-of-terminology-455723
> <begin quote>
> Dust Storm, or 'Haboob?' - Texans flip over weatherman's choice of
> terminology
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> When a dust storm was referred to on Monday as "Haboob," locals of Lubbock
> Texas did not shy away from speaking up on the weather service's Facebook
> page in order to express disdain over the chosen word, of Arabic origin.
> <snip>
> A third Texan took the opportunity to address the impending US election
> and express his support for Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying, "I
> for one cannot wait until those gosh dang democrats get swept out of office
> cause you know the Donald will not allow these Islam loving words to be
> used in the good ole US of A. We have a new haboob on the way.....and his
> name is Trump, the biggest haboob in the world!!!!"
> <snip>
> Yet, to balance out these extreme reactions, some moderates looked down on
> the comments of the "ignorant" Texans who were overly critical of a weather
> term which, although of Arabic origin, was entirely appropriate. "Haboob"
> is used to describe intense dust storms often associated with
> thunderstorms, typical in the Middle East and Africa. It stems from  the
> word "habb," which, in Arabic, means "wind" or "to blow." It's use was not
> at all misappropriated.
> <snip>
> Another wrote, "To all of you people complaining about a word. Do you all
> realize how stupid y'all look? I mean, the rest of the country and the
> world is laughing at y'all. Lmao [sic] stop getting offended over nothing.
> It's super annoying to the civilized world. We work too hard to make
> humanity modern and non-draconian to allow this sort of BS. Thanks."
> <end quote>
> I might the "third Texan" quoted above is being logically inconsistent.
> Is there such a word as "misappropriated"?
> -James A. Landau
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