[Ads-l] "malpractice" = incompetence

Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton3 at VIRGINMEDIA.COM
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I think what threw me was that the thrust of the passage is that the one who suffered from Trump’s malpractice was Trump himself – thus “campaign malpractice” (in this case) isn’t quite parallel to the normal uses of the term.

I can envisage contexts in which “campaign malpractice”, in the sense of illicit dirty tricks, *would* be appropriate, but this doesn’t seem to be how it was being used in the article.


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See OED3 sense 1b (with cites back to 1861): "More generally: incompetence,
negligence, or unethical conduct on the part of any professional person
(esp. a lawyer), official, etc."

Common collocates for "malpractice" in recent years include "educational,"
"journalistic," and "political."

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