[Ads-l] juniorization -- new meaning / return of old meaning?

Dan Goncharoff thegonch at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 14 13:11:20 UTC 2016

I saw the word used in the June 6 Wall Street Journal. I do not remember
seeing it before. It was used in quotation marks.

The meaning was to make the age of a company's workforce younger.


Banks desperately need young people because they are cheaper. The profile
of the workforce is changing as investment banks have realized fewer of
their highest-paid bankers and traders are crucial for bringing in revenue.
The rest of the teams can be made up of more people in their 20s with less
experience—and far smaller pay packages.

The industry even has a word for this: “juniorization.”


Recent meanings have meant the creation of versions for younger people, or
the dumbing down of a job.

Just thought I would mention it.

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