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The OED has 1877 and 1879 for (noun) 1. "A man who shows an ostentatious regard for fashion and style in regard to dress or appearance; a dandy, a fop."  And several 1883 quotations calling "dude" (and "dood") new slang.


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"There was quite a flutter on Monday evening in the dove-cotes of society.
Mr. W. J. Ferguson, an actor with a small reputation, appeared at the
Twenty-Third Street Theatre as Sir Chauncey Trip, nicknamed the Dude. He
wore the white, broad brimmed hat of tradition, the high collar, the tight
trousers, the boots of patent leather, and was accepted as the ideal of a
dude and much admired by the ladies.” —The Critic, volume 3, 1883

Cited by Bert Vaux.
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