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My 2011 Visual Thesaurus column on "kinetic" includes a quotation from a 
book with this word used in opposition to "cyber" in 2002: 

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> An article with 17 cybers ends with "kinetic side" as the opposite to
> the cyber side, meaning the real, non-digital, offline world, or
> meatspace.
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> In addition to overloading or defacing Isis=E2=80=99s web presence, known a=
> s a
> denial of service attack, and aiming to prevent the uploading or
> distribution of propaganda, particularly on social media, it is likely
> that the US Cyber Command is =E2=80=9Cmapping the people behind networks,
> their connections and physical locations and then feeding that into
> targeting on the kinetic side =E2=80=93 injecting false info to create
> uncertainty=E2=80=9D, Singer said.
> ---
> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/29/pentagon-admits-cyber-attacks-=
> against-isis
> Hugo
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