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At least from Vietnam vintage, daisy cutters were large bombs intended to
explode above ground level (without leaving a large crater) and clearing a
wide radius of vegetation to form a helicopter landing zone.  I don't
remember if there was significant fragmentation (which would be an
antipersonnel design) or relatively pure blast, such as with a fuel-air

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Subject: Daisy cuter bombs

Tell me about daisy cutter bombs.

The context for "daisy wound" is GI's of WW II practically cut in half.=C2=
=A0 Produced by a daisy cutter bomb?

Were such weapons used as early as WW II?=C2=A0 Against Americans?=C2=A0 Or=
might these wounds have been caused by friendly fire?

The book using "daisy wound" is not yet in the press (it is currently being=
indexed).=C2=A0 Might the author have picked up his use of "daisy" from to=
day, not considering that it would not have been used at the time of WW II?

Any other thoughts?


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