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(Did I really write "daisy cuter"??  And it hasn't yet prompted Larry?)

My thanks, especially to  to Dave Wilton, Dave Hause, and Garson for informing me that both daisy-cutters (the bomb) and "daisy-cutter" (the term) were used in WW II (and earlier), and against American personnel.


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 Subject: [ADS-L] Daisy cuter bombs
Tell me about daisy cutter bombs.

The context for "daisy wound" is GI's of WW II practically cut in half.  Produced by a daisy cutter bomb?

Were such weapons used as early as WW II?  Against Americans?  Or might these wounds have been caused by friendly fire?

The book using "daisy wound" is not yet in the press (it is currently being indexed).  Might the author have picked up his use of "daisy" from today, not considering that it would not have been used at the time of WW II?

Any other thoughts?


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