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> As for the "evidence" that you require - I simply posted my work here to protect my work publicly. However, I did not proceed in my
> research with western methods (particularly relying on paper as evidence). It is unrealistic and puts AAs at a disadvantage every time, so I
> don't engage in such tactics. Do the people themselves know the terminology and attest to its authenticity? That is my first and foremost
> question. If AAs know and attest to the authenticity of the terminology that I am speaking of, then I know I am on the right track.

A couple of thoughts  . . . . 

Normally, the way to "protect" one's work is to publish it in a peer-reviewed journal.   I'm not sure I know what you mean by "protect" (I doubt anyone would steal it), but if an issue of ownership, or originality, or attribution should come up later, your position would be much stronger if your work was written up in a generally-accepted scholarly journal or conference proceedings than via a link to a for-sale Scribd document found in an open listserv.

You are challenging a conclusion that has been arrived at by scholars, who used traditional Western scholarly methods of the field (documentation of usage, paper evidence, consensus review, publication, etc.).  If you reject those methods, don't be surprised if the people you are trying to convince -- namely, Western scholars -- reject your conclusions.  If you are trying to kill the "Cry Wolof" myth, this isn't the way to do it.


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