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I don’t see this word on the Oxford English site or in Wiktionary. In no particular order:

1. http://yhoo.it/25tpmrO <http://yhoo.it/25tpmrO>

Dean: What sound does shooting an arrow make?
Roger: Shoo! or thwit!

2. http://bit.ly/22WaqQM <http://bit.ly/22WaqQM>

Braver Deeds
By John Van Roekel

Just be a waste of bullets.”
_Thwit Thwit_

3. http://bit.ly/1RM7g0c <http://bit.ly/1RM7g0c>

Meeting With The Well Known: If you travelled back in time, could you change …
By Carey Cossaboom

‘Thwit …thwit …thwit …thwit’, the sprinkler suddenly burst into action.

4. http://bit.ly/1pWquUL <http://bit.ly/1pWquUL>

Providence: Leading of the Spirit
By Peggy L. Headlund

Ginger squealed shrilly and threw a piece of waffle at Lilia’s cheek. _Thwit!_ She shrieked with pleasure at Lilia’s affronted expression and clapped her hands.

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