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> 'Slow down!'
> Brooke Baldwin on CNN: "Of all people, you have Darrell Issa, who is
> essentially saying - to put it the way I would say it - 'Slow your roll!'"

Back to 1990 in The Right Rhymes...


...and Green's Dictionary of Slang:

1990 Salt-N-Pepa ‘Negro Wit An Ego’ [lyrics] Slow your roll, you don’t even
know me.
1998 Eble Campus Sl. Nov. 6: slow your roll – calm down.
1999 Gang Starr ‘Gotta Get Over’ [lyrics] So you should slow your roll,
that’s my advice to you, bro.
2002 ‘Touré’ Portable Promised Land (ms.) 158: We Words (My Favorite
Things) [...] Ace boon coon. Slow your roll. Set it off. Shit on you.
2012 Flo Rida ‘Run’ [lyrics] Slow your roll, stop actin like you don’t know.


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