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RE:  Jews in Japan.  Wikipedia article << History of the Jews in Kobe >>,
section on "The Fugu Plan":  "... Given the growing number of Jewish
refugees in Europe and the Japanese perception of their ability to be
successful and influence governments, pro-Jewish memorandums were discussed
to court Jews of the world and settle them in Manchuria in order to develop
local industry."
     There is in Taichung, Taiwan, a place called The Talmud Hotel. My
family & I stayed there in 2011. None of the guests, management, or owners
are Jewish. The fuller Chinese name is Tǎmùdé Shāngwù Zhìfù Lǚguǎn (Talmud
Business-Affairs Lead-to-Fortune Hotel. A hallway display includes the
following (in Chinese):
    << Jews, this mysterious race, are a small population, but own
astounding fortunes, with their superman-like ability to make money. In
order to solve this mystery, many scholars and economists have tried to
profoundly study Jewish culture and beliefs. Finally they have discovered
that the reason for Jews’ uncanny business and financial management ability
comes from unique generation-to-generation beliefs and money values. And
the core of these principles and beliefs comes entirely from a mysterious
classic book called “The Talmud”.
     <<The “Talmud Business Hotel” can not only comfortably accommodate
every business person, but also wants to study with you the secrets of how
Jews get rich. Hopefully, this encounter with you can open your door of
fortune to realize your get-rich dream. >>

I see now there is also a  “Talmud Business Hotel” in the Philippines. It
is a fact that Jewish husbands are highly desirable in Taiwan.

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