[Ads-l] "signed, sealed, and delivered" 1690; antedates OED3 1847-

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Fri Nov 18 17:41:37 UTC 2016

"I pray'd in the Family, that might have an interest in God, Signed, Sealed and Delivered, and that all that tended to make it sure, might be perfected."

1690 March 2.  Antedates OED3 (September 2011) "sign, v.1", P2, "signed, sealed, and delivered," 1847--.  (P1, "signed and sealed", is given as 1831--.)

Samuel Sewall, "The Diary of Samuel Sewall", ed. M. Halsey Thomas (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux,1973), 1:252.


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