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Not very pertinent, I'm afraid, but there's this:


Hedge, to secure a desperate Bet, Wager or Debt. By Hedge or by Style, by Hook
or by Crook; [As common as the Hedges or Highways; said of a Prostitute or

-- from B.E., _New Dictionary of the Canting Crew_ (1699) with the bit in
[brackets] added in the _New Canting Dictionary_ in 1725.

There's also this, from Farmer and Henley:

STYLE.  To help a lame dog over a style, _verb. phr._ (common) -- To give a
hand; to assist in a difficulty; to bunk up.

-- perhaps "bunk up" might lead somewhere.

There's this, from the OED Historical Thesaurus, probably of even less help:

hipping    1703    pl. Stepping-stones (by which one ‘hips’ or leaps across a
hipping-stones    1781    So hipping-stones n. stepping-stones.
stepping    1796    concr. pl. = stepping-stones (see stepping-stone n.). dial.

-- Maybe "hipping stone", if not slang, at least not SE, could be extended from
a stream to a stile?


>     On 05 October 2016 at 01:20 Joel Berson <berson at ATT.NET> wrote:
>     On another list it is asked:
>     I just received the following query from a friend: "I have an urgent
> eighteenth-century British slang question: what are some synonyms for the
> stile in a fence/wall?"
>     I am assuming the asker wants slang synonyms for "stile", not standard
> English synonyms for the slang term "stile", which "stile" is not.
>     Please send responses to me (or this loist), and I will passs them on.
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