[Ads-l] "mutton" as in " mutton dressed as lamb", attributive

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Sun Oct 23 15:40:11 EDT 2016

The New York Times, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, "Sunday Review," 11/1, "Don't Dress Your Age," by Julia Baird.

These uses are OED "mutton, n.," P2: "an ageing [sic] woman who is dressed or made up as if much younger."  OED3 dates this from 1811, but does not add that this is in a journal whose author attributes the saying to the future George IV.

"This is mutton shaming, ladies, and it has to stop."  [The Telegraph advising older women to smile more.]

""A stylist in Harper's Bazaar advise that mutton-ladies may still reveal morsels of skin ... ."

"But my greatest mutton-fantasy is just to wear and do what I want."


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