[Ads-l] Another Possible Antedating of the Term "Sexism"

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Here is a further slight antedating of "sexism":

1968 _Seattle Daily Times_ 20 Oct. S4 (GenealogyBank)  The P. F. P. [Peace and Freedom Party] women, most of whom are both wives and professional people, didn't blame the men, although they acknowledged the existence of "male chauvinism" or "sexism" as they called it.

Fred Shapiro

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Subject: Possible Antedatings of the Term "Sexism"

For the sense of the word "sexism" meaning discrimination or prejudice based on gender, the OED has several pre-1968 citations, but all of these are uncertain in their signification.  The earliest definite citation in OED, discovered by me many years ago, is dated 15 Nov. 1968.  Here is a slightly earlier definite citation:

1968 _New York Amsterdam News_ 9 Nov. 28 (ProQuest)  Pauli Murray ... flooded her friends with send-Shirley-Chisholm-to-Congress literature because she felt Farmer's sexism campaign "reprehensible as stooping to racism."

On the face of this discovery, it is thus possible that Pauli Murray, who has been in the spotlight recently because Yale named one of its new colleges after her, coined the term "sexism" (the term could also have been introduced by the Amsterdam News writer rather than Murray).  However, I notice that Google Books appears to have an occurrence dated 1966 or 1967.  I am retrieving the paper source of the Google Books citation from offsite storage and therefore should have a confirmation of the 1966 or 1967 usage within a few days.

Fred Shapiro

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