[Ads-l] "male chauvinism" (was Another Possible Antedating of the Term "Sexism")

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>Here is a further slight antedating of "sexism":
>1968 _Seattle Daily Times_ 20 Oct. S4 (GenealogyBank)  The P. F. P. 
>[Peace and Freedom Party] women, most of whom are both wives and 
>professional people, didn't blame the men, although they acknowledged 
>the existence of "male chauvinism" or "sexism" as they called it.

This got me curious about the date of origin of the term "male chauvinism".

A quickie search on Google Books turned up two occurrences from the early 1950's.  Both were from the Communist Party of the United States.  Both are the annoying snippet views, but by searching on the date I was able to get (reliable?)confirmation of the date of publication.


Angela Calomiris _Red masquerade: undercover for the F.B.I._  Lippincott, 1950

page 203
"[begin snippet] with the ungallant suggestion: "Women talk too much."  The lady and her friends wanted him brought up on charges of male chauvinism, but they were placated by a resolution reprimanding Comrade Myers and the establishment of a county commission to eliminate male chauvinism with the Party [end of snippet]"






United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities   U.S. Government Printing Office, 1954 

Page 4148
"As I kept attending the meetings, most of the meetings were devoted to the denunciation of Browder and Browderism.  Well, the other part of the discussion was devoted to the so-called male shcuvinism.
   The majority of the members were women, and they were mostly wasting their time talking that we still have male chauvinism in the country, even within the party---in other words, the men are the bosses, and the women are nothing but the [end of text]"

    - Jim Landau (who never expected to be quoting from the notorious/infamous HUAC)

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