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> Dear linguists,
>      I understand that yer use of <sluicing> is "a type of ellipsis that
> occurs in both direct and indirect interrogative clauses. The ellipsis is
> introduced by a wh-expression, whereby in most cases, everything except the
> wh-expression is elided from the clause. Sluicing has been studied in
> detail in recent years and is therefore a relatively well understood type
> of ellipsis.[1]"  Wp's footnote 1 implicates Ross 1969 as possible
> originator.
>      Q:  What the h*** does the word <sluice> have to do with post-wh
> deletion? Was it a spelling error for <slicing> & nobody dared to correct
> him or what? I just can't picture a water chute in this usage. Snipping &
> clipping have a less watery connotation, anyways.
>      Ah gotsta no.
> Sincerely,
> WB
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