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On 2 July 2002, Barry Popik found “snowmachine” for “snowmobile” in an glossary of Alaskanisms (http://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/ads-l/2002-July.txt <http://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/ads-l/2002-July.txt>).

On a recent trip to Alaska, I was told secondhand that “snow machine” was out and “sled” was in, and I found confirmation with use in the wild. Had I not been told in advance, I would have been very confused!

Since dogsledding is still practiced, people use sleds behind their snowmobiles to haul things and children surely still sled, there seems to be lots of opportunities for miscommunication. I don’t know how ambiguities are worked out, though perhaps it’s context like “bike” for bicycle and motorcycle.

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Breaking in a new sled?
How would you guys reccomend breaking in a brand new sled (09 600 H.O. CFI SB)?  I have heard not to go over 60 for the first 100 MPH.  But I have also heard that if you baby it the first few hundred miles the sled wont be as fast as if you hadn't babied it. 

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