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Sat Sep 16 03:18:22 UTC 2017

The word “corn” is jargon for “coin."

1. On September 14, nik (@daytradernik) wrote (https://twitter.com/daytradernik/status/908608015435214848 <https://twitter.com/daytradernik/status/908608015435214848>):

Buy a small batch of corn here. Next buys, $2550-2600.

Bitcoin had just dropped severely and there was a lot of panic. It’s clear he is referring to bitcoin.

There are also crypto traders on Twitter with “corn” in their name, such as

[Soy minimalist] @SrBitcorn
bitcoin @bitcorn
Professor Bitcoin @Iam Bitcorn

A mention should also be made of CryptoCorn (@TheCryptoCorn) who has a unicornish logo.

2. Today, York780 (@Yorkyor30444439) wrote (https://twitter.com/Yorkyor30444439/status/908695793527377925 <https://twitter.com/Yorkyor30444439/status/908695793527377925>):

Buying back my Litecorn, thanks noob panic whales

And Dr. Newb (@doctorshekel) wrote (https://twitter.com/doctorshekel/status/902283393311752192 <https://twitter.com/doctorshekel/status/902283393311752192>):

I use litecorn to make payments

Presumably “corn” could be used to mean litecoin with proper context.

I didn’t find any examples of “ethereum corn” and came up empty searching on a couple of other combinations. 

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