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Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 27 00:13:09 UTC 2017

Is anyone else noticing the increasing for-the-hell-of-it use of random
Black-Anglicisms by white folk? A couple of instancessamples - or should
that be, “a couple samples”? - are:

a) ”Mr. Steal _Yo_ Keychain,” title of an article warning of a flaw such
that that arbitrary apps can dump the full OS keychain in the latest macOS,
instead of standard _You’re_. 🤡

b) the use of _stank_ instead of “stink” - or, better, “stench” (yeah,
right) - in an otherwise standard ad for a brand of deodorant.

Or maybe it’s just a random use of Southernisms - Hank Hill of King of the
Hill once said: “You got the stank on you and everybody can smell it.”

Speaking of BE, today, a baby daddy on The Maury Show whined startlingly

“Anybody don’t care about what *I* have to go through!”

Maybe he meant to say,

“Don’t anybody care about what *I* have to go through?!

but his tang got tungled in his eye-teeth and he couldn’t see what he was

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