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A quick e-mail on these growing practices, which are not just for fruit anymore. Bonus ADS points to anyone who finds something along the lines of a “y’all pick”, a “yo’ ass pick” or an “our ass pick”.

Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/U-pick <https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/U-pick>) and Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Pick_and_Pick-Your-Own_(PYO)_Farms) <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Pick_and_Pick-Your-Own_(PYO)_Farms)> both have “U-pick” (noun) but not the Oxford Living Dictionaries.

1. It is easy enough to find the verb “to U-pick”:

http://www.cityshop.com.cn/store/cmscontent/en-us/2016strawberrypicking <http://www.cityshop.com.cn/store/cmscontent/en-us/2016strawberrypicking>
Cooking class, make strawberry jam from u-picked strawberries (optional event)

http://www.hipchickdigs.com/2015/06/first-of-the-season-berry-picking/ <http://www.hipchickdigs.com/2015/06/first-of-the-season-berry-picking/>
My half basket of u-picked strawberries and early blueberries

2. In contrast to the U-pick is the "we pick", not in any of the above three references. Border line cases between “we + pick” and “we pick”:

http://driedigerfarms.com/index.php/berry-upick-strawberry-blueberry-raspberry-blackberry-berryfarm-bcberries-farmfresh/ <http://driedigerfarms.com/index.php/berry-upick-strawberry-blueberry-raspberry-blackberry-berryfarm-bcberries-farmfresh/>
Whether we pick or upick, you are sure to taste the difference that farm fresh makes.

https://www.maanfarms.com/country-market/berries/u-pick/ <https://www.maanfarms.com/country-market/berries/u-pick/>
You Pick. We Pick. WE ALL PICK!

http://www.orchardandvine.net/articles/maan-farms-country-experience-you-pick-strawberries/ <http://www.orchardandvine.net/articles/maan-farms-country-experience-you-pick-strawberries/>
Strawberry U-Pick Opens May 20th-You Pick - We Pick - WE ALL PICK!

3. Clearer cases of “we pick” as a noun/attributive noun

http://pncagr.ca/index.php/farms/detail/farm_jordan_farms <http://pncagr.ca/index.php/farms/detail/farm_jordan_farms> 
Fresh strawberries offering a “We Pick” and “You Pick”.

http://www.goodfarmcsa.com/cooperative-shares <http://www.goodfarmcsa.com/cooperative-shares> 
We-pick Sampler
For delivered shares only! You will receive an average of 2 items from the Upick garden per week from June - September.

https://www.craftmetropolis.co.uk/product/try-out-our-we-pick-box/ <https://www.craftmetropolis.co.uk/product/try-out-our-we-pick-box/> - extension to non-fruit manufactured items
Want to try out a We Pick Box from us before signing up? Here you go. Buy one box, no strings attached.

http://www.petrofkaorchard.com/ <http://www.petrofkaorchard.com/>
Please note that we are a WE-Pick, not a U-Pick due to the damage caused to the apple trees.

Benjamin Barrett
Formerly of Seattle, WA
The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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