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Butterfly kick (swimming) -- OED has 1937
_Pittsburgh Press_ 21 Jul 1929 Society section p 4 col 8
"The crawl stroke using the butterfly kick is the most effective reducer of hips there is and even more so when done with good form.

catch-and-release -- 1960 (adj) 1973 (n)
Hackensack NJ _Bergen Evening Record_ 10 Feb 1949 p 34 col 5
"Top boars during the past several days have turned in official catch and release reports covering 4 to 8 sailfish per trip for each boat."

_The Eugene [OR] Guard] 16 Dec 1955 p 2B col 2
"The day may come when the only trout fishing in our mountain streams will be for fun -- catch and release."

Debbie Downer -- OED has 26 Aug 2004 p 90 col 2
NY _Daily News_ 4 May 2004
"That's because during one skit, ironically titled 'Debbie Downer,' the entire cast fell victim to an infectious giggle fit."

Golden Handshake -- OED has 29 Jun 1959
Melbourn, Victoria, Australia _Age_ 23 Jun 1959 p 6 col 7
"A U.K. brewery chariman will receive £60,000 stg. tax-free compensation in what the London "Daily Sketch" calls one of the biggest "golden handshakes" ever."

Golden Parachute -- OED has 19 Jul 1981
Montreal Canada _Gazette_ 10 Jul 1981 p 41 col 4
"The article quoted a Conoco employee as saying company directors  had 'equipped themselves with golden parachutes.' "

Golden Globe [award] -- OED has 27 Feb 1947
_Variety_ 3 Apr 1946 p 15 col 3
"Foreign correspondents of Hollywood presented golden globes to Ingrid Bergman and Ray Milland as outstanding film thesps of 1945."

Satchel mouth -- OED has 1906 for fish, and 1 Jul 1933 for a person with a large mouth.

Unlisted sense (see satchel n. c3):
_Wilkes-Barre [PA] Record_ 15 Mar 1904 p 3 col 1
[advertisement] "The 'Peggy From Paris' bag is as roomy as an opera bag -- similar in shape, too; but made of crushable leather and closing with satchel mouth and clasp."

person with large mouth (this example likely means "loud mouth")
_Guntersville [AL] Democrat_ 4 Aug 1910 p 1 col 4
"This satchel-mouth braggart infests the cafes and demands attention by abusing the waiter for offending his delicate sense of honor."
[quoted from _Everybody's Magazine_]

sausage fest -- OED has 1911 for "event dedicated to the eating of sausages"
Cleveland OH _Plain Dealer_ 18 Sep 1893 p 8 col 3
"The Wurstmarkt, or sausage 'fest,' began at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, continued last evening and will be repeated today in the same manner."
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