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Here's a little earlier for the Zimmermanesque sense of the word:

1965 _Variety_ 14 Apr. 48 (ProQuest)  This sihger [Donovan] has been heavily influenced by Bob Dylan both in the manner of his delivery and his songwriting.  "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do" ... is also a Dylanesque number.

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Jesse just tweeted about the new OED entry for "Dylanesque".  OED has 27 Aug 1965 for the word.

_Boston Globe_ 27 Jun 1965 p 32A col 2
"This song is included in Dylan's new Columbia album together with 10 other Dylanesque items."

And, in reference to Dylan Thomas:
_Huntsville [AL] Times_ 10 Oct 1956 p 8 col 3
"How close they were -- Dylan Thomas and his blonde Catlin -- is blindingly, painfully apparent in 'Leftover Life to Kill,' the brilliant Dylanesque memoir, published today, of the great Welsh poet's still-grieving widow."

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