[Ads-l] Phrase: to take a mike out (April 6, 1895); taking the 'mike' out of (July 20, 1901); to take a "mike" out (March 14, 1922)

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Update: The final line of the excerpt for the 1922 citation was
inaccurate. Here is the corrected excerpt.

Date: March 14, 1922
Newspaper: Northern Daily Mail
Newspaper Location: West Hartlepool, England (Durham, England)
Article: Bewildered Judge
Quote Page 3, Column 2
Database: British Newspaper Archive

[Begin excerpt - check for errors]
Judge Sir T. Granger: Let me know by
all means what the expression conveys. I
don’t wish to be like the judges of the
High Court. (Laughter.)

Witness explained that a "mike"
meant to take a rise out of him.
[End excerpt]


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