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Mark Mandel mark.a.mandel at GMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 30 01:05:25 UTC 2018

Speaking of Gunsmoke, I have long wondered whether Miss Kitty's name was a
covert allusion to another function of her establishment (from season 3 on,
the Long Branch Saloon), by way of another affectionate term for a cat.

Kitty's profession was hinted at, but never explicit; in a 1953 interview
with Time, Macdonnell declared, "Kitty is just someone Matt has to visit
every once in a while."[8] An out-take from the program makes this
hilariously obvious.[9]

where I have just added detail to note 9:

First outtake, 0:00:00–0:1:26.

Mark Mandel

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> nice figure from the tv show "Gunsmoke".  on my blog
> 9/29/18: Swine alive or dead:
> https://arnoldzwicky.org/2018/09/29/swine-alive-or-dead/
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