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W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 6 01:51:04 UTC 2019

RE: Huawei [ˈʍɑˌwei]:  (me) Being embedded in a Sinophone island, the
pronunciation [ˈwɑˌwei] impinged, en passant, on my multitasking
consciousness as strikingly odd, downright infantile. Alliterative harmony,
deliberately pejorative? Sort of like the old <Iran, Iraq, Italian> dual
pronunciations. Also, I have fantasized <Huawei> as a variant spelling of
<Hawai'i> (not to mention Arthur Godfrey's "How-ah-ya, how-ah-ya,
how-ah-ya?"). The brain scrambles to find logic in language, via analogical
circuitry. Alas & alack.

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