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Michael Quinion discussed this topic from an historical perspective on
his World Wide Words website back in 2009. (I have not tried to
antedate the citations.)

Bald-faced, boldfaced or barefaced?

Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl) offers some background and stylistic
advice on her Quick and Dirty Tips website:‘

Baldfaced Lie’ or ‘Barefaced Lie’?
Whether you use "barefaced lie" or "baldfaced lie" depends on where
you live, but you shouldn't use "boldfaced lie" or "bearfaced lie."


On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 6:25 PM James A. Landau <JJJRLandau at netscape.com> wrote:
> An email from Ultraviolet.org (I'll be happy to forward it to anyone who is interested) had the subject line "Susan Collins: Bald-faced liar".
> I think it most likely someone meant to say "bare-faced liar" and didn't quite get it correct.  However, there is the possibility the e-mail writer thought "a woman cannot be described as "bare-faced" and substituted a similar-sounding adjective.
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