[Ads-l] _sandwich =?utf-8?Q?=C3=A0_?=la Colette_ a method of sexual intercourse

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There appears to be a reference to "A la Colette" in a book by Boris 
Vian entitled, "Jazz in Paris, Chroinques de Jazz pour la station de 
radio WNEW, New York (1948-1949).  I found it on archive.org via 

Much of the book is in English with the French translation on the 
opposing page, but the introduction and description of what the book is 
are all in French.  I'm not a French speaker, so I don't know for sure, 
but most of the book appears to be transcriptions of things said on an 
English language jazz station in the late-1940s in France, correct me if 
I'm wrong.

On page 120:

"There's one more biscuit to eat, and the title is a very suggestive 
one: the name is this of a nice young girl who loves American musicians 
. . . Did I tell you three of them were playing in . . . 'A la Colette.' 
  So, with 'A la Colette,' which means, 'in the Colette's manner,' we end 
today's program, dedicated to the Be-Bop minstrels."

"A la Colette" appears to be the title of a song or piece, but it is a 
"suggestive" title, and there is a reference to it being played by three 
people, so apparently a reference to the "a la Collete" that is the 
subject of this thread.

Might the Colette referred to be the French writer, Colette, who wrote 
bawdy, thinly disguised autobiographical novels.  She is best known for 
writing Gigi.  Colette wrote a series of books about a woman named 
Claudine, widely believed to be based on her own life.  In the book, she 
engages in at least a love triangle with a woman and her husband - she 
is later shocked to find out that her husband and the female lover her 
husband encouraged her to pursue are cheating on her with one another.  
Perhaps there were other events in other books that made "a la colette" 
more literally match the later use of the expression, or perhaps the 
later meaning expanded on the source material.

There are quite a few French language books show up in my search on 
HathiTrust that include both the phrase "a la colette" and "menage a 
trois," but they don't come up in full view and I wouldn't be able to 
read them easily in any case.

A French speaker with better access might be in a better position to 
figure it out.

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>>  without Colette
>Close, but no cigar: "sandwich" can't be mapped one-to-one and onto to
>"sandwich =C3=A0 la Colette." Indeed, simple "sandwich" is hardly worthy of
>notice, IMO. It's just, well, ordinary and obvious, wouldn't you agree?
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>>  >
>>  >
>>  https://www.scribd.com/doc/22472003/Sex-Rebel-Black-Memoirs-of-a-Gash-Gou=
>>  > Sex-Rebel: Black (memoirs of a gash gourmet), Pages 100-101
>>  > Bob Greene [pseud. of Frank Marshall Davis]
>>  > 1968. Greenleaf Classics, Inc., San Diego, CA:
>>  > ... then she turned to me, belly against belly, impaled on my rod. Erni=
>>  > entered her from behind, both of us filling her ass and cunt with
>>  rampaging
>>  > rods as she became a _sandwich =C3=A0 la Colette_.
>>  >
>>  > Not in Green's.
>>  actually, it is, just without Colette (GDoS is often hard to neotiate):
>>  make a sanwich (v.) to makea sexual position in which two men are having
>>  simultaneous vaginal and anal intercourse with a woman. 1980 E. Folb
>>  Runnin' Down Some Lines 158..._ making  a sandwich_ or _running/pulling a
>>  double train_
>>  arnold
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