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I have a vague recollection from the 90s of someone criticizing the Chronicle for capitalizing “City” when referring to SF. BB

> On 7 Mar 2019, at 08:26, David Daniel <dad at COARSECOURSES.COM> wrote:
> I don't know if this has already been mentioned. If so, sorry. San
> Franciscans call the city "the City." Where do you live? The City. Where do
> you work? The City. Etc. And this annoys the hell out of people from
> surrounding cities. Like, if you're in San José and you tell someone you
> live in the City, they will inevitably ask, "Which city?" in a sarcastic
> tone, accompanied by pointed look.
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> Perhaps calling Manhattan "the City" was influenced by London's City, the c=
> entral, financial, historic district.
> I was born in northern Surrey, but the place later was annexed by Greater L=
> ondon.
> SG
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> Two cities come to mind where residents and outsiders use the same nickname=
> =97L.A. and my residence of more than thirty years, Philadelphia. In travel=
> s in U.S. and outside it, I=92ve noticed (more and more) that when I say I=
> =92m from here, the response is =93Ah, Philly.=94 And we use the term too. =
> Now why a member of the local baseball nine is called a Phillie, not a Phil=
> ly, I don=92t know.
> Ben

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