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Oddly enough, though I use "Roy G. Biv" now, I first learned the colors of
the spectrum from my dad as VIBGYOR, pronounced "VIB-ghee-or" /'vɪb.gi.ɔr/.
Maybe that's how they remembered it in the Army in WWII.


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> > On Nov 1, 2019, at 3:31 AM, Dave Hause <dwhause at CABLEMO.NET> wrote:
> >
> > EEs remember wires, MDs struggle to remember cranial nerves.  Lots of
> mnemonics for the names but you have to memorize functions, too.
> Suggestive or obscene helps but I went to St. Louis U, a Jesuit-founded
> school so we (MD, 1980) sought also for sacrilegious;  S - sensory, M -
> motor, B - both sensory & motor:  Sally sucked many monks but Magdalene
> blew seven brothers before morning mass.
> > Dave Hause
> Very elegant!  For those of us who were neither electricians nor med
> school students but enjoyed looking at rainbows, we had it easier.  There
> are indeed mnemonics for ROYGBIV, including at least "Richard Of York Gave
> Battle In Vain” (for Richard, Duke of York, perhaps he of the 10,000 men
> marched up the hill and back down again) or "Rinse Out Your Granny's Boots
> In Vinegar”, but I always found Roy G. Biv perfectly memorable on his own.
> I’m sure there must be obscene or sacrilegious variants extant.
> LH

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