[Ads-l] Word: blurse - a combination blessing and curse

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Piers Anthony <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piers_Anthony> is a well-known
fantasy author whose writing is redolent with puns. This "thumb tax" is
just his style.

Mark Mandel

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> Popular YouTuber PewDiePie recently created  video with the title
> "Blursed images is HILARIOUS". Images from the subreddit "Blursed
> Images" were discussed during the video. Here are two citations.
> Year: 1999 (1998 Copyright)
> Book title: Zombie Lover
> Author: Piers Anthony
> Quote Page 125
> Publisher: A Tor Book: Tom Doherty Associates, New York
> Database: Google Books Preview
> [Begin excerpt]
> "Pay what?"
> "The thumb tax, of course. One blurse for each thumb."
> "Blurse?"
> "Don't you know anything? A blessing-curse. Blurse."
> [End excerpt]
> *...*

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