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>> hippie (OED, 2., 1966)
>> 1965 _San Francisco Examiner_ 14 Oct. 6/1 (Newspapers.com)  One of the
>> oddest amusements I heard of while posing as a member of the Berkeley
>> Underground was that of a group of hippie students who thought it great fun
>> to sit around smoking marijuana and playing the game of Monopoly.
> As we discussed last year, Michael Fallon used "hippie" in a four-part
> series in the San Francisco Examiner, starting on Sept. 5, 1965.
> http://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/ads-l/2018-September/152817.html

Re the wikipedia entry at this link,


The first clearly contemporary use of the word "hippie" appeared in print
on September 5, 1965. In an article entitled "A New Haven for Beatniks,"
San Francisco journalist Michael Fallon wrote about the Blue Unicorn
coffeehouse, using the term hippie to refer to the new generation of
beatniks who had moved from North Beach into the Haight-Ashbury district of
San Francisco.

Alas, some of us will have initially misread this, giving it more of a local flavor than it deserves…


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