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Some examples of "warfighter": 

From a recent inter-office email signatures:
“Customer service focused, warfighter driven!”
"Technology Driven, Warfighter Focused"

From a job canvass:
" Responsible for providing technical guidance to PEO MS leadership, Project/Product Managers within the PEO MS, and working with other PEOs, the Warfighters, Research and Development Labs, ASA(ALT), OSD, industry and other government agencies."

From recent letters/memoranda from organization management:

"I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication in support of our mission. You are an extremely talented and resilient workforce and you've demonstrated your commitment to be "all in" on efforts to deliver technology that will produce capability to our ultimate customer...the Warfighter!"

"The [organization] and all of the products that you support and all that you do for the warfighter and the nation are certainly among the greatest.  "

"Paul's leadership will be missed, but this new opportunity will allow him to pursue another aspect of supporting the warfighter.  "

"Firstly and most importantly, we have an obligation, now and always, to extract as much value as we can for our taxpayers and the warfighters we support with the resources that are made available to us."

"Open communication must be fostered for expedient and effective resolution of problems which, left unaddressed, will impede the accomplishment of our mission and the ultimate support of the warfighter in the field."

" As always, thank you for your support to the warfighter.  "

"While other senior leaders and I have been asking you to improve our productivity and achieve ever greater results for our warfighters and the taxpayer, you've also had to work in very challenging circumstances."

" For Team [organization] specifically, our powerful mix of backgrounds and perspectives in an enriched culture of diversity and inclusion, will propel us to increasingly higher performance service and product outcomes all for our Customers especially and most importantly the Warfighter."

" Integrated Warfighting Effects captures our nature as an aviation and missile S&T organization and how we successfully enable transitions into responsive, real world products for the Warfighter."

" Going forward, smart application of GPR combined with the empowering future of 3-D product data in a networked machine enterprise throughout the entire supply chain will represent major leverage on our abilities to continually work Better Buying Power for our Customers and Warfighters."

"It provides another opportunity to assess how well we are doing delivering products to our warfighters, how our performance is changing over time, and most importantly an understanding of how we can improve performance."

I could have found plenty more, but was starting to get hives from an adverse reaction to buzzwords.

> My word! In what contexts? That word its totally new to me.
> On Mon, Nov 11, 2019, 7:05 PM Bill Mullins <amcombill at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I see "warfighter" much more than "warrior".
> >
> > > The term preferred by the military these days seems to be "warrior."
> > Faute
> > > de mieux.
> >
> > >
> > > > Is there a generic term that includes all members of military forces?
> > > > Currently in the United States the practice seems to be to refer
> > > > to "service men and women," but that seems cumbersome and cannot
> > necessarily
> > > > be extended to those from other countries.
> > > >
> >


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