[Ads-l] maybe not worth a second look: "a 'Mulligan'" 1926

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Wed Sep 25 11:15:23 UTC 2019

Maybe not related to the (later-attested [1931ff]) golf use. Maybe a one-off.

[...]what chance has a man in San Francisco against this infernal patent box which they have brought into use? Honest people may go and vote, but a "Mulligan" can neutralize all their votes by a single touch of this complicated machinery. You might as well go into a harvest field with an old, common, rusty, primitive reaping sickel, against one of McCormick's double-horse, patent, improved reaping machines, and expect to compete with it, as to get fairness when these fellows use these boxes. [end quote]

Billy Mulligan long ago was charged with ballot box tampering. This text apparently warns of a new-fangled way of vote miscounting. Snippet at GB. Search-only at HT. Full text, HeinOnline subscription.

"Trial of Various Criminals by the Second Vigilance Committee San Francisco, California, 1856,"
American State Trials (Thomas Law Books) vol. 15, 1926, page 83.

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